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Re: CGM files

Justin <Justin_Ashmall@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> I'm attempting to produce a CGM file of a plot, however the resulting file
> gives a square image rather than the landscape shaped plot I'm after and
> also has some over-lapping text. Producing an encapuslated postscript file
> with the same plot commands works fine (i.e. the correct aspect ratio, no
> overlapping text).
> Ultimately I want to get the plot into Word (I don't want to use .eps
> I'm not using a PS printer). If I resize the CGM file the text becomes
> distorted. Outside of IDL I've tried using Ghostview to convert the .eps
> file to a windows meta-file which works except the resolution is very
> leading to my curves becomes badly jagged.

One trick that can work fairly well is to create your plot as a bitmap in a
graphics window at 2 or 3 times normal size, save the contents of the
graphics window to a BMP, TIFF, or other format thay you can import into
Word, and then resize the image once it's in Word.

For a nice tutorial, check out 'Making viewgraphs' at

You may need the JHU/APL library, which is available from the same location.