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Re: bessel

In article <3822F3E4.F6A4A8D3@phim.unibe.ch>, Michael Kueppers <michael.kueppers@phim.unibe.ch> writes:
>enea wrote:
>> I have to calculate the modified Besell functions K(y).
>> I 'm not able to do it in idl.
>> Someone can help me?
>> Excuse me for my bad english
>> Claudia
>     The  IDL-functions below are the  Bessel-functions
>      K_0(y)  and K_1(y) taken from "Numerical Recipes in C"
>      (Press et al. 1992, Cambridge Univ. Press) and
>       translated to the
>       Interactive Data Language.  Should your question refer
>       to the other idl (I am sufficiently ignorant not to know if  this
>       is a possibility), please apologize for bothering.
>        You can construct higher order bessel functions by
>        -2n / x  * K_n(x)  =  K_(n-1) (x)   - K_(n+1) (x)
There is also my BESELK function, which'll calculate Bessel K 
functions of any order (including fractional) as well as their 
integrals (x to infinity)

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