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Re: openr,/xdr & readu,structure problems

Bob Stockwell (dejastockwell@my-deja.com) writes:

> I'd appreciate a hint or two is someone has
> ran into a problem similar  to the one that I have.
> (A deja.com search hasn't helped me.)
> I have received a new "xdr" data file that I'm trying
> to read in using idl5.2.1 on winnt.
> (also tried on idl5.3beta, same problem)
> The problem is that when I read in to a defined structure,
> it sometimes (rarely) reads in a huge chunk. To be specific,
> the structure read is only 92 bytes, but the READU command
> seems to send the filepointer to the end of the file or
> something like that). The structure will now contain
> junk information.
> I suspect that this is because of my platform,
> since this code works fine on an SGI, but not on WinNT.
> Anyone know why this is happening, and how to handle
> it properly?

This can't possibly be Wayne Landsman's file pointer
corruption bug again, can it?

Have you tried setting the BINARY and/or NOAUTOMODE
keywords on the OPENR statement. It might help.



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