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IDLWAVE, the GNU Emacs package for editing IDL files and running IDL
as a subprocess under Emacs is now at version 3.7.  I consider this
release final, but I will continue to fix bugs.


Main Changes:

- Completion of Object Methods now works much better, and can actually
  deal with the mixed case (like IDLgrModel etc) of these words.
  Thanks to JD Smith who convinced me to implement this, came up with
  many important suggestions and has patiently checked a long row of
  alpha versions.

- IDLWAVE can scan the entire IDL library for information about
  available routines.  That information is then available for
  completion and routine info display.

- I have tried to make IDLWAVE cooperate with the IDL online help.  In 
  the Routine info display you can click on items to get the online
  info about them.  Unfortunately this does not work as well as I had
  hoped because of the *brain-dead* ONLINE_HELP command.  If anyone at
  RSI is interested I can provide them with a list what this command
  needs to be useful.

- Exiting IDL cleans up the buffers related to the shell.  It also
  kills the dedicated frame.  Thanks to E. Dors for this suggestion.

- Documentation finalized. The printed documentation is 24 pages.
  Available online in Emacs (info), as postscript and HTML.


- Carsten

Carsten Dominik <dominik@astro.uva.nl>           \ _ /
Sterrenkundig Instituut "Anton Pannekoek"         |X|                _
Kruislaan 403; NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam              /| |\    _  _     _/ \
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