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plot3dbox, but not quite...

Hi - 
	I've seen a routine somewhere that is similar to plot3dbox, but
which also includes drawing lines up from the base of the cube up to the
individual data points. My problem is that I have a very sparse set of
observations that are functions of two variables (in this case, the tilt
of Saturn's rings, as seen from the Earth, and the angle between the sun
and the Earth, as seen from Saturn), and I am trying to look for
patterns in the distribution of points. When only a few points are
hanging out there in that 3-D cube, it is sometimes hard to know how
they project onto the walls, so I wanted to connect them by straight
lines to at least one of the walls. If I can overplot points onto the
plot3dbox, then I could loop through the data and draw these lines one
at a time, but I think (maybe in the IDL demo) that I have seen an
example of this data presentation. Do any of you happen to know where to
find such a thing? I've hunted through the new IDL demo and have not
come across it yet.

Dick French