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Re: Segmentation Algorithm

In article <81p5s8$bns$1@nnrp1.deja.com>,
  Ronn Kling <ronn@rlkling.com> wrote:
> Al,
> If no one else has done this, the "growing
balloon" algorithm sounds
> like something I could use.  If you have an
example in C I could turn it
> into a DLM (Dynamic Loadable Module) and send
it back to you.
> Ronn
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> Ronn Kling
> Ronn Kling Consulting
> www.rlkling.com


I don't have a C source code but Matlab code is
freely available and so are plenty of papers
about the method. Yesterday I attended a seminar
in Denmark and people have used it in conjuction
with active contours. IMPRESSIVE, I tell you, and
the maths behind it are quite simple!

Contact me by e-mail if you want more details.

P.S. Sorry for not replying earlier, but I'm
still in Denmark, and I had to use DejaNews to
check the group.

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