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Re: Copying objects

J.D. Smith (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) writes:

> The easiest way to copy objects in bulk, composited objects and all, is to save
> and restore, using:
> save,obj,FILENAME=savefile
> newobj=newobj[0]
> Don't forget that the object reference variable is also restored, and will
> overwrite a variable with the same name in that level (but this can be used to
> advantage -- see below).  Also beware of later restoring objects, since their
> methods (and those of their superclasses) will be unavailable, and will not be
> located automatically.  You can prevent this... see a posting from last year on
> restoring objects (I can re-post my resolve_obj if necessary).

The lightly edited conversation JD refers to on the
newsgroup about restoring objects can be found here:




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