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Working with Preexisting Data Set

Okay.  HEre's my problem.  I am grovelling before you guys for a bit of 
help, cuz I'm stuck and I'm, unfortunately, what passes for an expert around
here.  :/

Ideally I would like to concatinate some data structures.  Or more specifically,
the data in the array of ints in the DATA structure below.

** Structure $10, 11 tags, 6510928 length:
   NAME       STRING    '**********'
   MISSION    STRING    '**********'
   LOCATION   STRING    '**********'
   RECORDING  STRING    '**********'
   STREAMNAME STRING    '**********'
   TITLE      STRING    '**********'
   LABEL      STRING    '**********'
   SAMPLERATE FLOAT           xxxxxx.
   EPOCH      STRING    'xxxx:xxx:xx:xx:xx.xxxxxx'
   TIME       STRUCT    -> $7 Array(1)
   DATA       STRUCT    -> $9 Array(1)

** Structure $9, 3 tags, 6510816 length:
   DATA  INT       Array(3255400)

I have tried the following:


but it complains:
% Conflicting data structures: <INT       Array(12943700)>,MISSING.
% Execution halted at $MAIN$  .

 have also tried:


but alas...
% Conflicting data structures: F,MISSING.
% Execution halted at $MAIN$  .

So.  Is there a way around this mess?  


Any and all help would be most appreciated.

...or is it possible taht I am exceeding the allowable limits on the maximum
elements in an array?


Will Baird  email:  wbaird@acca.nmsu.edu  http://acca.nmsu.edu/~wbaird/
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