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Re: Another Color Twist

David Fanning wrote:
> Because I know your day, like mine, just doesn't feel
> complete without learning about yet another little
> color twist in IDL, I have this observation from a
> course I am teaching this week:
> People who pay attention to this newsgroup (except
> the ones who count, apparently) have heard me bemoan
> the fact that 24-bit images cannot be displayed
> correctly on Macs and PCs unless color decomposition
> is ON. If color decomposition is OFF, the image
> pixel values are always routed through the color
> tables, where--if you have anything other than a
> gray-scale color table loaded--your colors get
> totally screwed up.
> What I learned yesterday is that the same problem
> exists in reverse, but only on Macintosh computers.
> That is to say, suppose you have a 24-bit image
> displayed correctly on your 24-bit display. But
> you have color decomposition turned OFF and a
> color table loaded (say, to correctly display
> a companion 2D image). Now suppose you wish to
> make a JPEG color image of the window holding the
> 24-bit image. The proper way to get a screen
> dump or snapshot of the window is like this:
>    snapshot = TVRD(True=1)
> Snapshot will now be a 24-bit image holding the
> color information. Well, at least it will be on
> UNIX and PCs. On Macintosh computers, it will
> be a 24-bit image holding the color information
> obtained not from the image, but from the *color
> tables*. Hence, the resulting JPEG image will
> be totally screwed up.
> The trick is to be sure color decomposition
> is turned ON whenever you fool around with a
> 24-bit image. (Which, now that I think about
> it, is surely the message RSI is trying to get
> across to us. But it seems like an awful lot
> of work to me. Couldn't TV and TVRD be made
> just a *little* bit smarter when it comes to
> 24-bit images? Please.)

Thanks for the advice David. Those of us attempting to write
platform-independent code are sometimes hampered by a lack of available

How about if the rules are stated thus:

(1) If you are displaying (TV) or reading (TVRD) 8-bit images,
    color decomposition must be turned OFF (device, decomposed=0).

(2) If you are displaying (TV) or reading (TVRD) 24-bit images,
    color decomposition must be turned ON (device, decomposed=1).

(3) If your IDL version is 5.2 or higher, you should save and restore
    the color decomposition mode (device,

I'm going to make sure my applications conform to these rules.


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison