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Re: Widget Frame Attributes on Linux

Bernard Puc wrote:
>         For the Linux users, does anyone know why the keyword TLB_Frame_Attr to
> the Widget_Base function is ignored?  I am using the KDE window manager.

The TLB_FRAME_ATTR keyword is also ignored on Windows, whether you are
running IDL under Windows, or are logged in to a remote host running IDL
under Unix. I'm willing to bet it's ignored on MacOS as well (anyone
care to confirm this?). For example, the following code is supposed to
create a base widget with no system menu:

base = widget_base(tlb_frame_attr=2)
widget_control, base, /realize

Because of this unreliable behavior, I don't use the TLB_FRAME_ATTR
keyword. Another reason to avoid this keyword is that creating widgets
which can't be moved, resized, or closed normally is completely
non-intuitive for users.


Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison