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Re: New PostScript Configuration Program

Hi Folks,

Well, I'm learning more than I ever wanted to about the
complexities of passing IDL save files around. I find (within
a percentage point) that the same number of people have trouble 
reading save files downloaded from a web page as have the Netscape
Navigator browser. Now *there* is a research project for someone. :-)

Anyway, I've now compressed my SAVE files into compressed files
(UNIX compress command) or zip files. I presume most everybody can 
handle these. (Even the Mac folks, I hope.) One benefit is that 
these files are MUCH smaller.

So, to download the FSC_PSCONFIG program, choose one of these links.
Be sure to select a downloadable file that is compatible with the computer
and version of IDL you use.

IDL 5.1 Zip File

IDL 5.1 compress Files

IDL 5.2 Zip File

IDL 5.2 compress Files

IDL 5.3 Zip File

IDL 5.3 compress Files

Uncompress or unzip the "fsc_psconfig__define.sav" to a local directory.

The easiest way to see the FSC_PSConfig program run, is to type these 

   IDL> Restore, "fsc_psconfig__define.sav"
   IDL> PS_Plotter, Object=psObject

Sorry for all the confusion.

I've updated the documentation for the program as well:


I've fixed a few bugs, but I'm still looking for help. Thanks!



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