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Fractal analysis in PV-WAVE, anyone?


I would like to analyze some surface topography data (essentially, a
square two-dimensional image - or array real numbers, each number in the
array denoting the height of a surface at the selected coordinates), and
I would like to obtain parameters such as the so-called "fractal
dimension" which characterizes the roughness of the surface or image.

There are many definitions of fractal dimensions and many other types of
so-called "fractal analyses" - and what I would be keen to learn is
whether anyone has already developed PV-WAVE (or failing that, IDL)
macros to compute quantities such as these and would be willing to share
them - or else whether at least someone has pointers to the literature
describing how to evaluate these sorts of quantities in straightforward

I am new to both PV-WAVE and fractal analysis, and really anything along
these lines could save me time and effort.

Many thanks!  Any pointers/suggestions/feedback/macros/whatever would be
greatly welcome!