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Yes, I agree with Mark, it would be nice if IDL could grab the whole
screen (or top-level widget and all sons/daughters).
It's OK to use a screen grabber, but when using multiple platforms, this
is not that easy, especially when the users may not be computer literate,
but can manage to select a button marked "Print Screen".


Mark Buckley wrote:

> David Fanning <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> news:MPG.12f77018aba984c39899f9@news.frii.com...
> > All you are going to be able to get from within IDL is
> > the contents of a graphics or draw widget window. Usually
> > (thank Goodness!) this is what you want in your GIF file.
> >
> > When it is not (for example, when you want to see the
> > whole graphical user interface of a program), you will
> > have to get some kind of screen capture tool.
> Yup, that was my intention. We already have a grabber that we use
> (xv under Solaris) for some screenshots, I was just thinking that
> it would be nice to be able to do it from a button on the GUI, rather
> than firing up a seperate application.
> Ok, thanks for your help!
> cheers,
> Mark