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linux XF86 X visuals, IDL 16-bit blues


there have been quite a few posts to do with IDL and the X device.
thanks to (especially dave fanning and liam gumley) i'm beginning to
understand IDL's use of X, but not enough to be able to configure it
(satisfactorally) in linux6.

my video hardware (laptop) supports 64K colors.  the linux Xserver
installs with the TrueColor, depth 16 visual.  as i've been told ,IDL
just won't work with 16 bit visuals, but RSINC is unable to tell me how
to add IDL compatible visuals to X.  is there any XF86 expertise here.
i would be happy limiting IDL to 8 bits but i don't want to run the
whole system with only 256 colors.

assistance is appreciated, thanx, george mccabe

George McCabe (Raytheon ITSS)
NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / Code 693 / Greenbelt, MD
voice: (301)286-8283, fax: (301)286-0212