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iterating POLY_2D

Hi. I haven't used this newsgroup before, so if my posting isn't
relevant then I apologise. I've already posted it to comp.land.idl .

I've been trying to use the POLY_2D() function in IDL to remove some
shaking in a sequence of images by interpolation.  When it works, it
works brilliantly, but the trouble I'm having is that I can only treat
one image (i.e. compensate for its displacement) at a time . When I try
to put POLY_2D in a FOR loop to get the job done all in one go, it only
seems to work for the first iteration, no matter how many iterations I
want it to do. Does anyone know of this problem or similar problems, and
if so, do you know how to fix it?

I'd really appreciate some help with this as I've got to remove this
shaking from over 12,000 images. Thanks in advance.

David R. Williams,		Tel.: (+44 1232) 273509
APS Division,
Pure & Applied Physics Dept.,
Queen's University,
BT7 1NN.		http://star.pst.qub.ac.uk/~drw/