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Re: Best Movie/Animation Format for LARGE files

In article <MPG.131a56a6dc21d88e989a3b@news.frii.com>,
	davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:

>> I have been working on some large image time series (long in time and
>> large in size) and am wondering what the best format (jpeg/mpeg) for
>> saving them with the least distortion to the frames.

>> Ideas? (I'm already breaking up the time series into smaller clips.)

> I've been getting reports--John Broccio's article today is
> only the latest--of poor resolution when making MPEG movies.

I had one try at the built-in MPEG creation of IDL and immediately
dumped it.  I'm creating my mpegs using mpeg_encode (Version 1.5).

You have to store the single frames on disk, so no memory
limitations.  Of course mpeg (and jpeg, too) are lossy compression
tools, I only use them if I only want to look at them, and don't
intend to do (e.g.) photometric work..


PS: That's under Unix.  Not sure, but mpeg_encode might also compile
    under other OS.
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