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interpolation around a contour

Dear Group:

This is what I have:

I have an xy array of coordinates for a contour (closed contour if you
connect the points) that has the following properties:
 - arbitrary number of coordinates, they are generally bigger than 200.
 - coordinates are irregularly spaced.

This is what I need:

I need to interpolate points around the old contour so that

- the number of points = a power of 2 = 256
- interpolated points are equidistantly spaced from one another.

The original and interpolated contour should have the same perimeter and

I have tried IDL's technical support and their suggestions did not
work.  I have tried several permutations of TRIGRID, TRIANGULATE,
Spline_P, and CONGRID.  They do not give me the right answer.  Perhaps I
am choosing the wrong keywords?

Any help would be most appreciated.


Inpakala Simon

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