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Re: Widget Buttons - Radio and Checkbox control

Robert S. Mallozzi (robert.mallozzi@msfc.nasa.gov) writes:

> Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to query
> the state of exclusive or non-exclusive buttons:
>     WIDGET_CONTROL, buttonID, GET_BUTTON = state
>     % Keyword GET_BUTTON not allowed in call to: WIDGET_CONTROL
>     % Execution halted at:  $MAIN$ 
> You will have to store the current state and drag it
> around in your program :-(

Ah, another perfect opportunity to write an object
compound widget. This is *exactly* why I wrote
FSC_DROPLIST. I was tired of not being able to get
the "value" of the droplist directly from the 
droplist itself. Plus, I wanted to be able to
set the "selection" by the name or value of the
selection, rather than always having to translate
things through the "index" of the darn thing. 

I think of object compound widgets as widgets the
way they *should* have been written. :-)

You can find FSC_DROPLIST here, if you want a model:




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