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Re: Can this be done using CALL_FUNCTION?

  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:
> Struan Gray (struan.gray@sljus.lu.se) and J.D. Smith,
> (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) write their usual excellent advice:
> >   [good advice deleted]

Well, actually it is

      [good advice not repeated]

You didn't need to go and _delete_ the good advice! I might want to use

> You guys are probably scaring poor Ed to death with
> all this talk about objects. But it is very good
> advice, indeed. I'll bet the ENVI guys are wishing
> *they* had objects to work with when they first started
> writing ENVI. :-)

No, I'm not too scared... I usually like to wait one major upgrade
before starting to use a new capability. This gives RSI a chance to fix
all the bugs that David found ;-) and decide whether or not to keep it
in IDL. How many of you started using the HANDLE_* routines as soon as
IDL4 came out?

Ed 'biting the bullet' Meinel

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