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Re: Corruption of string variable in IDL V5.3

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  landsman@my-deja.com wrote:
> I like the upgrade of the STRMID function in IDL V5.3 so that it can
> handle vector arguments.   But the following code shows how in certain
> cases, STRMID can also now corrupt a string variable:

I just received a note from RSI saying that the bug causing the
corruption of the string variable has nothing to do with STRMID, but
rather in the way that IDL allows one to store into a scalar string as
if it were an array.    This bug has probably existed for many years,
but only reveals itself in unusual circumstances, which my STRMID
example happened to create.     A fix has been checked in for V5.4.

--Wayne Landsman                           landsman@mpb.gsfc.nasa.gov

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