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Re: Getting the color pallete without calling LoadCT first

Ricardo Fonseca wrote:
> Hi
> I need to get the color table from one of the default IDL colortables. Right
> now I'm doing it like this:
>   loadct, ct, NCOLORS = 256
>   TVLCT, rr, gg, bb, /get
> I was wondering I there was a way to do this without actually loading the
> color pallete i.e. without calling loadct
> Thanks in advance, Ricardo

not really. But why don't you do:
TVLCT, rold, gold, bold, /GET
loadct, ct, NCOLORS=256
TVLCT, rr, gg, bb, /GET
TVLCT, rold, gold, bold

which restores the original one with only two lines extra.

Also: if working on a 8 bit colordepth device you must be careful with
so perhaps you should select a different device before you do this
(off-hand I know of PS to always support 256 colors -- after
device,bits_per_pixel=8) but you could try others (e.g. the NULL device


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