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Re: GUI Builder for Unix

Ben Tupper (tupper@seadas.bigelow.org) writes:

> P.S.  Neither Ronn nor David have recompensed me for the above, but any
> contributions to the Ben-Tupper-Really-Wants-An-Alden-Ocean-Rowing-
> Shell-Fund are welcome.

Depending, of course, on the onslaught of increased book
orders, perhaps you should be thinking about a one-oar
dinghy. :-)

My printer tells me I am nearly out of covers for the
book. (Can that be possible!? I printed so many
my wife almost decided she had had enough of me and my
grandiose ideas when the bill arrived.) So I thought
as long as I was printing a new cover I'd splash a
"Brand New 2nd Edition" sticker on it and see if I
couldn't goose sales a bit.

Of course, feeling guilty about false advertising,
I thought I should probably read through the damn
thing once (you would understand if *you* had written
a book) and see if there was anything that really needed

The truth is, I learned two new things before I had
even gotten out of the first chapter. Who wrote that
book anyway!? :-(



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