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StatusBar (was tooltips)

In article <MPG.134160dd58bb46c9989a9a@news.frii.com>,
	davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> pei zeng (pei@prism-cs.com) writes:
>> Does anybody know if IDL has tooltips function( eg. showing a brief text bar
>> while mouse-over an item)?
> Nothing like that is officially supported. You can implement
> a "status" line as a text or label widget and have it change
> as you keep track of "tracking" events in your widgets. Just
> be aware that tracking events are faked on Windows systems, so
> it is easy to miss them if the cursor moves too fast (or
> too slow, sometimes). :-)

Not fully tested/debugged, but here is a StatusBar object
that I find handy:


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