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Re: Problems reading binary files - pointer at 4096 gives EOF

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:

> This is that same old file pointer bug Wayne Landsman
> alerted us to on at least two occasions now. I have
> *got* to make time to write some more articles for my
> web page. I'm forgetting more IDL these days than I 
> have learned. :-(

Whoops! In digging through my old notes on this subject
I see that it was really Peter Mason who first reported
this to us about a year ago. My apologies to Peter,
along with my thanks to both Peter and Wayne for their
(apparently vain) attempt to keep us all up to date.



P.S. Just for the record, on Windows machines reading
binary data, the EOF function can cause weird file pointer
errors. The work-around is to add the /BINARY keyword to
the OPENR statement.

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