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Secret to resizing text widgets


	I give up.  Who can tell me the secret to modifying the size of a text
widget with resize events on the base widget?  I want to have a simple
widget to display some lines of text.  I want the user to be able to
resize the window.  Why is this so difficult?  All the examples of
resize that I have looked at deal with draw widgets only.  If I specify
a base widget with column ordering, the xsize of the text widget
automatically gets resized, but the y axis does not.  If I specify the
xsize of the text widget, it is ignored.  Below is the code sample I
have been stressing over.  If anyone can help, I'd be too grateful for

<=======Start of file testbox.pro==================>

pro testbox_event, event

widget_Control, event.top, Update = 0
widget_control, event.top, get_uvalue = info

widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_size = tlbsize
;print,'1-Base size:',tlbsize

widget_control, info.widtext, scr_ysize = event.y
widget_control, info.widtext, scr_xsize = event.x
;print,'( '+strtrim(event.x,2)+', '+strtrim(event.y,2)+')'

;Reset the widbase widget size
widget_Control, event.top, xsize = tlbsize[0]-0, ysize = tlbsize[1]-0
widget_control, event.top, /update

widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_size = tlbsize
;print,'2-Base size:',tlbsize
wait, 0.01

pro testbox
widbase = widget_base(column = 0,$
	TLB_Size_Events = 1)

widbuttonclose = widget_button(widbase,$
	value = 'Close',$
	ysize = 30,$
	xsize = 120)

widtext = widget_text(widbase,$
	scroll = 1,$
	editable = 1,$
	yoffset = 35,$
	scr_xsize = 200,$	;Units are pixels
	scr_ysize = 300)
info = {$
	widtext:widtext }
widget_control, widbase, /realize, Set_Uvalue = info
xmanager, 'testbox', widbase, /no_block

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