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More on speed up movie in object graphics.

Two days ago I had that question on how to speed up movies with object
I received several reactions and tried the following:
- Set Renderer option of Widget_Draw to 1, i.e. rendering by IDL SW.
This increased for my PC
  with graphics card the speeds with somewhat less as a factor of 2.
- Used the object graphics program of Richard Adams with a list of
images (IDLgrImage objects). No ussage
  of DATA. This increased somewhat the performance (10 - 20 %), Probably
due to the ussage of
- Some other options as Transparency of windows, HIDE option of
IDLgrImage and IDL5.3.1. Did not
  tried them.
- Use the direct graphics movie. About the same as with object graphics!

- IDL cw_animate example: due to the ussage of DEVICE, COPY and windows
in memory:
  roughly a factor of 5 - 10 faster!

Performance problem is probably the rendering of the images to the
window. The only solution I'll
see is using DEVICE, COPY  (a direct write to to the screen buffer?). In
both TV or IDLgrWindow
I have seen no options to prevent rendering. There is a read
functionality which can read the
pixels on the screen for a certain window, but these can not be replaced
by with a direct copy.
Some has any ideas?


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