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Compiling shared libraries for use with call_external on a Mac


A question for those out there who have used call_external in IDL with 
(hopefully) C subroutines on the Macintosh.  

I have an older version of Metrowerks Codewarrior (IDE 1.6.3, CW 9), 
and have set the Project type to shared library, in the preferences 
for the project.  However, it doesn't seem to want to compile and 
produce the shared library (it keeps looking for main(), while 
the C file I'm compiling only contains a collection of subroutines).

I've (obviously) never created shared libraries before, so if anyone 
has any pointers to help create one of these things, that would be 
great.  The documentation is scarce or non-existant in this matter.

Thanks in advance,

-- Greg

 Gregory G. Arkos          Institute for Space Research
 arkos@NOSPAMphys.ucalgary.ca    Department of Physics and Astronomy
 Voice : +1 403 220 6958   The University of Calgary
 FAX   : +1 403 282 5016   Calgary, Alberta, CANADA  T2N 1N4