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Re: Landsat 7 HDF Data

In article <8ck83d$8s$1@news.uit.no>,
  "Tony Bauna" <tony.bauna@tss.no> wrote:
> <wcapehar@my-deja.com> wrote in message news:8cbpqh$o12
> > A fishing expedition:
> > Has anyone here tried to use ENVI and IDL (with and without the
> > to crack open one of the new Landsat7 ETM+ image products (in the
> > format)?
> Yes, I got a 2 CD set from EROS Data Centre. I tried both ENVI's and
> HDF readers. They managed to show what kind of data and the different
> where available. However, when I tried to display the images I got
> messages is both ENVI and IDL.
> I reported this to RSI, but so far no fix just radio silence.
> However, you can display the individual bands. They are simple 8bit
> files. The image size can be picked up from the HDF reader in ENVI.

That's what we did too.  However, there is another way -- move all
the CD contents to a harddrive and rename the "index" hdf file.  ENVI
wants to leap into that *.hdf suffix no matter what you call it when
it comes time to input the image.  We confirmed this from EDC and
through trail and error here.  Hopefully the next version will get it.


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