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Re: SPAWN + readU + strings

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Ramji Digumarthi (ramji.digumarthi@lmco.com) writes:
> > WEll!! I tried that. Either temperary variable (actually recasting the
> > variable as long) or legitimate variable work as long as I do not read
> > the string variable. Once I read the string variable, the next readU of
> > a variable goes hay wire...
> > So what gives????
> I don't know. But I'm really not the person you should be talking
> to. And I wouldn't be trying to write strings anyway. I would
> be writing and reading byte values and casting them back 
> to strings. Can't much go wrong that way. :-)

Amen to that.  Read bytes, and then convert to a string at the end.

But your specific problem reminds me of a story: A man goes to the
doctor and says, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."  The wise doctor
said, "Then don't do that."

Seriously, if by *not* reading the string variable, everything works
fine, are you sure that the string is there?


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