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Re: 3D Reconstructions of 2D Slices

David Fanning, davidf@dfanning.com writes:

> But thanks to the 100 or so of you
> who think so little of my demonstrated
> IDL skills that you all sent me the same
> suggestion. :-)

    There's a chinese proverb about the joy to be had in seeing an old
and dear friend fall from a high roof.  Your word of Swedish to learn
today: "Skadeglädje".

    I have a book called The Image Processing Handbook by John C Russ
(CRC press, ISBN 0-8493-2516-1) which talks about some of the
techniques for doing this, but has no code and is almost wilfully
non-mathematical.  Good references though, as far as I can tell.  It
covers a lot of other material too, so it might be worth checking out
in a library before purchase.

    I also know a couple of small companies which sell
inverse-tomography code, but I don't think that's what you want.

(I know, working on Good Friday.  They'll be stoking up a 
specially-hot area of Hades just for me).