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tvrd and device,decomposed=0

Hi David and all others,

This may be again a favourite question about color problems, I hope not.

If I have a true color table and I have set device,decomposed=0 
the online help says:

Online Help:
"Set this keyword to 0 to cause the least-significant 8 bits of the 
color index value to be interpreted as a PseudoColor index. 
This setting allows users with DirectColor and TrueColor displays 
to use IDL programs written for standard, PseudoColor displays 
without modification."


I have to use tvrd() by the true=1 keyword. 

The TVLCT,red,green,blue,/get returns colors which I have to translate
color_quan to pseudocolor.

I don't know how I get the same colors by color_quan as someone using
only 8-Bit colors.

If the device graphics mode is changed from 3 to 6 and back the colors
are mixed. This did not happen if I have used 8-Bit colors.

Why are the results of tvrd and tvlct not itself changed automaticly 
to pseudo_color?