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Re: Arrays in structures; workarounds?

  >Here was one trick I found to determine the size of a structure tag,
  >if it has *at least* two elements. 

Cool.  Weird... but cool.  Thanks; I've added it to my bag of 
tricks (which already contains a heckuva lot of craigm code & ideas).

  >A comment on your procedure.  I believe that you are treating the
  >output of HELP too simply.  When tag names are long enough, help will
  >wrap the type description to the next line.  Consider this:

Guilty as charged.  I briefly considered cleaning up the code so it
handles that case, but decided it wasn't worth the time investment.
The esmsize() function serves in a controlled environment where I
know the _name_ of the structure element I want ("DATA"), but not
the dimensions (incredibly complex -- but flexible! -- telemetry
mode sets for an instrument on Deep Space One).

So in the usual "write-code-when-I-need-it" manner, I left the
multi-line HELP handling as an exercise for the reader... and
never thought anyone else but me would even care.

Wishing I had the time to hack PDL to where it suits my needs,
Eduardo Santiago    Software Type     esm@lanl.gov                   RKBA!