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Almost dead widgets


I have an embarassing problem... I can't seem to sweep this one into the

I have a blocking widget application that calls a modal widget
application.  Carefully planted bugs (not planted by me, of course) in
the second application crash the application.   I can clean up the
second (crashed) widget but not the first.  Even the system control
button with 'QUIT' doesn't quite do it.  It is, as David F describes,
almost dead but not entirely dead.   So far, my solution involves brute
force and ignorance, which works but is messy:  I ignore the widget
carnage until my desktop looks like a checkerboard, then I exit IDL when
no one can see what I'm doing.   I have never bumped into this before,
so I'm not sure what I've done to cause this mess.    I'm not even sure
what info would be helpful to identifiy the problem.  Any suggestions
greatly appreciated.


Ben Tupper

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science