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Re: Arrays: strange feature ?!

David Fanning wrote:
> Luca Fini (lfini@arcetri.astro.it) writes:
> > IDL is clearly a language grown by piling up things with no previous
> > design. Its syntax is crazy and some characteristics are very annoying.
> Some of us find in IDL the same subtle intelligence
> that pervades the Universe. If it seems crazy to us,
> it is because we haven't evolved our consciousness
> enough to perceive the underlying plan.

I agree, but the universe perhaps has to be this way, while a
programming language *could* be for sure more clearly structured that

Even this array stuff Nicolas complains about isn't a bug but a feature
(i.e. the syntax of IDL) like Alex pointed out.

But another more funny 'feature' is this:

IDL> print,'abc'
IDL> print,"abc"
IDL> print,'777'
IDL> print,"777"
% Syntax error.

:-) marc