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Re: widget events in debugging mode

Júlio Maranhão (julio_maranhao@hotmail.com) writes:

> When I stop in a Breakpoint or a Stop command in a running procedure, other
> procedures that use widgets don´t work! There seems to be no event
> processing. For example, xloadct don´t work properly. Comming back to main
> level resolve all, but it´s not worth.
> I don´t know if widget processing works when debbuging procedures. Any help?

Well, I just tried setting a breakpoint in a program with
my XCOLORS running. When I hit the breakpoint all event 
processing stops, as I would expect. I monkeyed around
a little bit, even hit a couple of buttons that would
throw up widgets. Nothing. As I expect.

But then I typed .Continue and all hell broke loose! :-)

All those events were there, just queuing up, ready to
go as soon as I turned things back on. Neat. Just what
I expected. :-)



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