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using TVRD on idl 5.1

I need a color output to a .ppm file on my system (solaris 2.5 & IDL
5.1). The way I am trying (and I think it works on a PC)
is to use the output of tvrd(/true). But it is not working...
If I use,
x = tvrd(/true)
tv, x, /true
shouldn't I get the same window?
Even if my x look a little strange (half good half kind of
noisy) how comes the result in the .ppm is a repeated pattern (~3x)?!
the remarks under"
Unexpected Results Using TVRD with X Windows" of the idl help
did not solve the problem!

As anyone trayed this? (not on a PC not to a GIF)
thanks a lot,

A Peliz

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