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Re: Creating a GIF file from a graphics window in IDL

Liam Gumley wrote:

> <ykadkh1@uic.edu> wrote in message news:394EA050.1C70A2DB@uic.edu...
> > I was wondering if anyone knows how to write a GIF or JPEG file in IDL
> > using the image that appears in a window. Otherwise, it would also be
> > helpful If there was a way to create an array from the window's
> > contents. Thank you.
> http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/~gumley/imagetools.html

Or (with less sophisication) use the native idl commands

I regularly use these from the idl command line (or within a program) to
grab an image and then insert the resulting "picture file"  into a WORD
report or powerpoint presentation.

Michael Asten