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Re: Cell Arrays

Joe Regensburger (jjr@physics.umass.edu) writes:

> Some programs have objects which can store multiple data types in a single
> array.  So theoretically I can store numerical arrays of differing length
> inside a cell of another array. I was wondering if it is at all possible in
> IDL?

*Everything* is possible with IDL. (Or so I'm told. I can't
see how it ever improved my backhand, however.)

I should think a pointer array, with each pointer pointing
to a numerical array of various lengths should do the trick.

Interestingly enough, this requirement was what pushed me
to use unrealized base widgets as pointers all those many
years ago. I had an array of unrealized base widgets, each
with a numerical array of a different size stored in the
user value. *Very* chic in those days. :-)



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