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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

I just thought I'd add my 2-penn'orth here.

(1) arrays of zero size. (Someone has already explained why.)

(2) Free or cheap 'at home' licenses for people who use IDL at work. I'm 
    gradually abandoning IDL because my boss won't cough up UKP 1000 or so
    for me to have IDL on my home machine [1]

(3) More reliable support for different colour depths in X. Yorick and R 
    do the right thing in 16-bit displays without you having to even think 
    about it. Why doesn't this happen in a package you pay 1000 quid for?

(4) make sure support for Unix (including Linux) is maintained at the same 
    level as support for WinDoze.

(5) Er ....... 

(6) Thats it.


[1] No, I can't connect to the license server at work. We don't have free 
    local phone calls in the YooKay 


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