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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

Here we go!

I use IDL's help every day.
It's annoying trying to find commands or operators and finding no reference
to them or just a single sentence, most of the time very cryptic.
I'm still working with IDL5.0 so maybe some things have already changed, but
i thing it'd pay to rewrite most of the help from scratch in a more
compreensible way. And with FULL examples using at least the main Keywords
of each procedure/fuction. As everybody knows after using IDL a couple of
hours keywords 'make the difference', but funny that the help one obtains
about them is practically unexistent.

So, that's one of my needs.

I'll read the rest of the proposals, and see if i have something to add ;)

This is a great opportunity!!!!!

"David Bowman" <bowman@ipgp.jussieu.fr> wrote in message
> What an amazingly welcome opportunity to air petty grievances!  Many
> heartfelt thanks both to you and the anonymous VP...
> I must admit that I am not a code-god like some of the frequent posters
> to this newsgroup.  :-)  As a mere computational mortal, I frequent the
> IDL Online Help facility, and I heartily believe that this help
> facility is one of IDL's strongest and most oft-neglected points.