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Re: help with future application


In fact, if the primary thing you're looking to do is to code up a GUI,
you might want to check out TCL (Tool Command Language).  It's a
powerful language if that's all you're trying to do.  I haven't used it
myself, but know of a number of successful projects that use this
approach, and can work quickly to get the GUI up and running.


Peter Brooker wrote:
> We are presently considering how to handle simulation requirements for
> future technologies. (Present technologies are handled well by
> commercial codes). As such, we have access to various internal and
> universitity codes of which we have the source code. These codes are in
> C and FORTRAN.  The problem is that we have to link these codes together
> and add GUIs to every thing to make them more user friendly. Also, once
> a new model appears in the literature, we want to code this up as fast
> as possible to try this out.
> I see that IDL could be used to do this. For example, IDL could handle
> all the input and output with GUIs as well as using CALL_EXTERNAL to
> execute subroutine forms of all the codes. If IDL is used, then new
> models could be programmed up very quickly.
> The question is though, Is IDL the best choice for this linking
> application? What about MATLAB? How do the Numerics of matrix inversion
> of MATLAB compare to IDL?
> thanks-Peter Brooker