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Re: deleting structure element

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:

> Bernard Puc (bpuc@va.aetc.com) writes:
> > Is there a neat, clever way to "delete" an element from a structure?
> Set its pointer to a NULL object.
> Cheers,
> David
> P.S. Alright, maybe it's not "neat", but I think it
> qualifies as "clever". :-)

On further (and more sober) reflection I would probably 
answer like this:

No way, no how, if you have a named structure. If you
have an anonymous structure you *could* (under extreme
duress) simply redefine the structure without the
*&%%$^ field:

   struct = { a:0, b:0, c:0}
   struct = { a:struct.a, b:struct.b }



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