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Re: Top 10 for old farts

"Joseph B. Gurman" <gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote in message
>     I guess you've seen the responses from Mark Hadfield and Luis Alonso
> on the overhead involved in using objects.

Speaking only for myself (not Luis) I should elaborate.

As David has already pointed out so well elsewhere in this thread

"OBJECTS" does not equal "OBJECT GRAPHICS"

Objects were a necessary development in IDL and are certainly a good thing
IMHO. Well, OK some of the design decisions were debatable.

Object graphics were also a necessary development but are less obviously a
good thing. The main problem with them is that producing a simple plot using
IDL's standard object graphics facilities is ridiculously difficult. It's
possible to finish RSI's job by writing a set of smarter, higher-level
graphics classes & routines but it's a lot of work. Hence my comment about

Mark Hadfield
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