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Date axis in object graphics (IDL 5.3)

Hi all IDL gurus,

This should be an easy one for you.
I am using LABEL_DATE to produce a time axis in object graphics as

      ;...... some code ....
      dummy = Label_Date(Date_Format = '%D-%M!C%H',Offset=start_date)
      ;...... some more code ....
     xAxis = Obj_New("IDLgrAxis", 0, Color=[255,255,0], Ticklen=0.025, $

     Minor=4, Range=xrange, Title=xtitle, TickDir=1, $
     TickFormat = 'Label_Date',Location=[0, 0.2 ,0])

I expect the HOURS to appear below the date. This works in direct
graphics but in object graphics it does not understand !C as a directive
and instead displays it as a literal.

Am I going something wrong, or have I discovered bag number: 4527