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Re: Strange PRINTER Coordinates

David Fanning wrote:

> Does this seem to happen on your printers, too?


> Here is a test case for an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of
> paper:
>    thisDevice = !D.Name
>    Set_Plot, 'PRINTER'
>    Device, /Portrait
>    Device, XSize=6, YSize=6, XOffset=1.25, YOffset=2.5, /Inches
>    PlotS, [0,1,1,0,0], [0,0,1,1,0], /Normal
>    Device, /Close_Document
>    Set_Plot, thisDevice
> Is this box centered on your printer? What printer?
> What version of IDL? If it is not centered, does
> subtracting 0.25 from each offset help?

Not centered with code as written.

Not centered with XOffSet = XOffSet - 0.25  , but closer to being
centered.  I must remove 0.5 inches to get correct centering.

Printer:  HP DeskJet 1600CM

IDL> help, !Version,/Str
** Structure !VERSION, 5 tags, length=40:
   ARCH            STRING    'PowerMac'
   OS              STRING    'MacOS'
   OS_FAMILY       STRING    'MacOS'
   RELEASE         STRING    '5.3'
   BUILD_DATE      STRING    'Nov 10 1999'

I have seen this before;  I had always assumed that typical paper
margins were honored in the background.  of course there are many things
that I have assumed...


Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science
West Boothbay Harbor, Maine
     note: email address new as of 25JULY2000