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Re: Data Miner


I started a query on data miner a few days ago and I never got an 
answer on that. Probably nobody is using this feature anyway. 

Actually, I did some tests accessing Oracle8 through IDL5.3 (WinNT). 
It works but some newer features of Oracle8i were not supported 
mainly because of the Merant ODBC driver we use here. I also could 
read and write M$ Excel and Access files through IDL but my goal is 
to establish an interface to Oracle for IDL users. 


PS: I am also still searching for some exchange of experience on the 
data miner issue.

Andy Loughe wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems to me that very few people are using IDL Data Miner.
> Could someone prove me wrong and direct me to the experts?
> Does anyone know if Data Miner works with a product called mySQL?
> Thanks!
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