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Passing function to function called by qromb etc.?

I would like to numerically integrate f(x) * x in IDL.  This is coming
up within another function which takes the function f as one of its
parameters.  What I would like to do is define a function xfx which
computes f(x) * x for a given x and call qromb with the function
xfx with a parameter of the function f.  However, I cannot figure out
how to do this.

I thought of 
function xfx,x,func=f
return, call_function(func,x) * x


but that does not work.  What I really need is a capability like the
bind argument facility of the STL.

John Wilson

John Wilson	                      Department of Computer Science
email: jwilson@cs.colorado.edu        University of Colorado at Boulder
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