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Re: Another Long Day Compliments of Object Graphics

Mark Hadfield (m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz) writes:

> If you put an image then another atom
> into a model, the other atom is visible over the image irrespective of its
> vertical position. If you reverse the order in which they are put into the
> model, the other atom is not visible over the image, again irrespective of
> its vertical position. At least that's what my experience shows.
> Of course the general guideline that you should control visibility/overlap
> of graphics atoms (other than images) by vertical position and not drawing
> order is one of those secrets the IDL documentation doesn't want to tell us.

Odd that you should mention this, because once I *did*
get the darn thing rotating I noticed that the tick marks,
which were at the same Z level as the polygon/image were
fading in and out with rotation. I moved the tick marks
up 0.001 unit in Z and all was well. Are you saying
I could *not* do this if I didn't have the image in
a polygon?

Humm. I'll have to check. But not today. :-)



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