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Re: Need Help with PRINTER Problem

Pavel Romashkin (promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov) writes:

> I tried to run the code. On Phaser 550, color laser jet, the image came
> out in shades of gray (at least I can't see any color comparing to the
> output of the same code to a b/w LaserJet 4+). I also tried to set the
> device to PS (which is fairly useless as it will not use printer
> driver), with color enabled (in dialog_printer I have no option to print
> to a file - why?). I get a grayscale image with 13 shades of gray. I
> checked the indexed color table of a post script image and there are
> only gray shades.

Preliminary results that are coming in indicate that
the problem appears to be confined to PostScript printers.
I suspect a bug in how PostScript output is written to the
printer. The work-around in my code is just to reload
the image colors once I have loaded the last drawing color
and before I display the image:

   TVLCT, r, g, b, /Get
   TVLCT, r[0:imagecolors-1], g[0:imagecolors-1], b[0:imagecolors-1]


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