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Re: "Ghostfont" - reproduced

Pavel Romashkin <promashkin@cmdl.noaa.gov> writes:
> I have sent the following test method to RSI and Randy, but I thought
> some curious soul may try it too.
> Below is some sample code. It may turn out wrapped, I am sorry, please
> unwrap yourself it if it is.
> To reproduce the glitch, please do the following. Once the sample code
> is compiled in a fresh session of IDL 5.3, execute:

Pavel, I get the following error even before I run anything else:

% IDLGRAXIS::SETPROPERTY: Variable is undefined: N_XR.

I am running on IDL v5.2, if that helps any.

Also, much as I hate attachments, can you post these files as
attachments?  The word wrapping did indeed suck.


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